Lenovo ThinkPad X13 AMD Gen 3 Further Testing

I thought it was time to do a little testing on the Power Management, Temps, and speed of this machine. It is built to deliver speed, reliability, and quality. I wanted to see what would happen if I stressed the machine. It handled everything very well.

I mentioned this in the first look, but it deserves more credit. Lenovo replaced the dedicated port for the Ethernet adapter with a standard USB-C 3.2 port, which allows much more usage. It shows that Lenovo does listen to the user feedback. Anything that isn’t covered in this write-up should have been included in the First Look Write-up which is here:

Power in on the left, USB-C 3.2 next to it.

The first thing I did was take a reading of everything at idle, one browser window open and OneDrive downloading in the background.

At idle.

The next thing to do was to stress it. This is it being stressed within 10 minutes of starting the test.

Temps at 60C, Fan still slow, not noisy at all.

This image is of running the stressing for 40 minutes. At no time did the temps get above 70C. There was some throttling of the CPU.

After 40 minutes of stressing.

This last image is the machine back to idle.

At the end.

It looks to me like Lenovo and AMD have figured out the Power Management issues that plagued early AMD machines. There was no lagging, throttling, or freezing while this was going on. Hardly any fan noise at all, there was heat coming out of the vent, but the fans didn’t make much noise at all.

With everything considered, this is a very powerful cool running computer in a small form factor. So much power in such a small machine. I would like to see how the Intel version stacks up against this one. I ran this test on battery only to see what the battery draw would be and it lost about 10% during the hour of testing. So, battery life for this machine should be very long even if you are stressing the machine.

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